The Source of fine art for collectors, galleries & investors since 1980

The Source of fine art for collectors, galleries & investors since 1980

About Us

Ronald and Yvonne Parker have built their professional lives and marriage around art and artful living. Ronald has been successful as a writer, psychologist and entrepreneur (past President of two Nasdaq-listed art companies).

Yvonne is an accomplished artist, art advisor, interior designer (NYSID),

art curator and co-owner & President of Parker and Parker Art (PaPA). “You’ve been to MoMA, now come to PaPA.” 


Having extensive experience in the art world as gallery owners (Asia, Europe and America), art publishers, art lecturers and collectors, The Parkers have spent the last 30 years acquiring the unique works of art that make up The Parker Collection. This international collection of primarily contemporary art— paintings, drawings, limited editions, objects of art and sculptures—is now available for purchase.

When it comes to serious art collecting, one must answer two questions—Why? and What? The “Why” for The Parkers is easy to answer. It is for the excitement of discovery of unusual talent and the pleasure of sharing their discoveries with others. Truly great art provides its custodians with aesthetic joy, intellectual stimulation and financial rewards. Ron says there are three major reasons to collect - for pleasure, profit and prestige. Over the years, The Parkers have become The Source of fine art for collectors, galleries and investors.

Ronald K. Parker, Ph.D.
Founder, Biography

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