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Ronald K. Parker, Ph.D.


Ronald Parker studied at Vanderbilt University where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology. After holding academic positions in Florida and New York City, Dr. Parker became the CEO of an international management consulting company, RKP International Corporation.

Parker has contributed to advancing and improving various programs in the fields of health, education and manpower development. He served on the original research team developing “Sesame Street” and “Big Blue Marble.” His research on human learning and motivation, supported by the National Institutes of Health, was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

For the U.S. Office of Child Development and the Office of Economic Opportunity, he was the Executive Director of the largest investment of the federal government in day care design and delivery systems. Working directly with 13 governors (including Carter, Wallace and Reagan), Dr. Parker’s group, The Institute for the Development of Human Resources, implemented innovative day care programs throughout the states.

Internationally, he has worked in England, France, Iran, Egypt and Nigeria. With support from GE and Random House, Dr. Parker brought the American Job Corps to Nigeria. His major international accomplishment, funded by Howard Hughes, was to assemble a distinguished team (International Planning Associates) of city and regional planners to design and manage the construction of Nigeria’s new federal capitol city, Abuja.

Dr. Parker has written one book, 17 monographs, two plays and served as a syndicated columnist for 316 newspapers. His pioneering work in implementing psychological principles for aiding individuals in personal growth and development (“Reboot, Reinvent and Reframe”) has been presented in seminars throughout America.

As past President of two Nasdaq-listed art companies, and having owned or managed 25 galleries world-wide, Dr. Parker has been a successful art publisher and promoter of special art events throughout the United States, resulting in over $700,000,000 in art sales.

Dr. Parker is the founder and CEO of the Lou Ferguson Scholarship, a program to provide college scholarships to deserving minority students. And he is happily married to Yvonne, an interior designer (NYSID) & multi-media artist, with whom he resides in Florida and Pennsylvania.