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The Source of fine art for collectors,
galleries & investors since 1980


Over the last 39 years, Parker and Parker Art (PaPA) has provided art for pleasure, profit and prestige to a wide audience. Through the ownership and management of 17 galleries in Europe, Asia and America, the Parkers have become an important and recognized source for international fine art. 
Dr. Ronald K. Parker is past president of two public art companies listed on the NASDAQ exchange. These companies were involved in not only gallery ownership but in art publishing as well.
Yvonne Parker, President of PaPA, is an interior designer (NYSID), artist, art dealer, art consultant and curator.
After recently returning from three years of world travel as Art Advisors, the Parkers are motivated to lend a helping hand to those in need.
PaPA’s new vision is to help the world through fine art — Buy Art. Help Others! 

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