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Pierre Fix-Masseau

French, (1905-1994)

Fix-Masseau was one of the greatest poster designers of the 20th century. An apprentice of Cassandre (1926-1928), he mastered the techniques of graphic design and communications early and created 150 poster designs over a 50-year period. Every one of his works is considered a masterpiece and highly collectible. The “Delahaye 135M” poster is said to represent the culmination of his design knowledge and mastery in composition, color and communication.

The “Delahaye 135M,” depicting its namesake suavely parked in front of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, was printed on arches paper as a limited edition original lithograph. Each color was separated by hand and printed individually at the Mourlot Atelier in Paris (where Picasso, Chagall and Miro also printed). Approximately 400 overruns were made into unsigned posters. In 1989, Galerie Damien (5 rue Bonaparte, Paris) commissioned the original lithograph and poster after Fix-Masseau designed the Art Deco logo for the gallery. As Galerie Damien never released the edition nor offered it for sale, this is the first time in 29 years it’s being made available. The “Delahaye” appeals to those who enjoy elegant living.


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