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Pater Sato

Japanese (1945-1994)

Born in Yokosuka, Japan in 1945, Pater Sato's real name is Yoshinori Sato.   From an early age he was interested in art and theater.  In high school he played his first theatrical role as "Pater" in The Diary of Anne Frank.  He liked the name of his character so much he made it his own.  His career path included work for newspapers, acting troupes and graphic designers.  His work also brought him to New York, where he worked with Paul Jenkins, a well-known artist of abstract paintings.  
In 1972 he returned to Japan and began work as a freelance artist.  He created illustrations for magazines such as Paper Moon Graphics and Playboy.  His work has been included in group exhibitions around the world.  He also had many one-man shows in the United States and Japan.   Pater Sato is no longer with us, but his beautiful work remains as a legacy of his incredible vision and talent.
The feminine form and personality have inspired some of the world's most celebrated works of art.  By using various combinations of media and techniques, artists have created paintings, sculptures and other art forms reflecting the beauty and sensuousness of women.  Pater Sato created the "Sophistication" and "Chic" serigraphs as part of the "Images of Women" portfolio.  This portfolio attempted to distill the essence of femininity.  Sato provides a comprehensive look at his perception of women.  He portrays contemporary women with vivid compositions and inspires a spirit of adventure.


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