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Kinuko Craft

Japanese, 1940

Craft attended the Kanazawa Municipal College of Fine and Industrial Arts where she studied illustration, commercial design and fine art. She worked for two commercial art studios, Handelan Pederson and Stevens Biondi DiCicco. While on assignment with Stevens Biondi DiCicco, Playboy magazine offered Craft an opportunity to create an editorial illustration. Craft has received numerous awards for her work by many organizations including the Society of Publication Designers, the International Editorial Design Competition, the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Society of Publication Design.


Craft has expertly employed nearly every popular medium available—oil on canvas, watercolor, gouache, egg tempera and pen and ink.


In “Mysterious Beauty,” Craft aesthetically blends the imagery of East’s and West’s interpretation of romantic love. She parallels modern and ancient rites of love by juxtaposing two lovers painted on a sake set with their modern counterparts poised behind it. Kinuko Craft is a master of illustration and an expert in painting techniques. She is sought after by publishers throughout the world and now enchants us with “Mysterious Beauty.”


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