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Frank Gallo

American (1933)

Gallo grew up near the Toledo Museum of Art, which became a childhood retreat. Here, he was able to absorb the detailed elements of classical art and received instruction in drawing, painting and sculpture. He got a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Toledo in 1956 and continued his studies (sculpture and printmaking) at the University of Iowa in 1958. Gallo’s career as an artist took off in 1964 when he began to show his work with the Graham Gallery in New York and with Felix Landau in Los Angeles. Since then, Gallo's work has been exhibited in more than 50 prominent galleries and museums worldwide, including in the US, Canada, Italy and Finland.

“The Sensuous and The Beautiful” collection offers a serendipitous opportunity to acquire art by this celebrated and unique artist of epoxy sculpture, who expresses poetry of the female form.

“The Sensuous and the Beautiful” collection promises to be a magnum opus: sculptures of translucence, warmth and life by a master of American figurative art. Frank Gallo has succeeded in using epoxy resin in the service of a sophisticated and time-honored realistic style; he has created powerful studies in human poetry from the personal and everyday details that cannot escape the artist’s intimate eye.


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