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Yvonne Parker


Yvonne Parker grew up in an artist’s family in Europe and moved to the United States in 1985. She studied interior design (NYSID) and is an accomplished designer and artist. Her art has been shown throughout the US, including two museum solo exhibitions. Parker is an art consultant, art advisor and curator and has operated galleries for over 25 years in New York City and Newport, RI. She is curator and co-owner of Parker and Parker Art (PaPA), a Fine Art company.

“Yvonne Parker’s mixed media sculptures, composed of selected treasures, are a visual mixture that defy any sense of conventional artistic expression. These cumulative combinations become a unified vision that defines her unique perspective. These works are a celebration of a figurative menagerie filled with infinite possibilities of dialogue, interaction and juxtaposition.”

“Building on a strong base in art history, Parker’s mixed media collages and sculptures transform simple materials into complex works of art. The mixed media collages blend paper and acrylic paint to create a surreal world, transforming old into the new, while the nostalgic mixed media sculptures and high-reliefs evoke a sentimental sense of the familiar, creating natural warmth and attraction to the pieces. Each work calls you back again and again to examine carefully, and something new is revealed on each inspection. One can never really finish looking at her complex art. Parker’s most recent work emphasizes pure form in white plaster; previously recognized forms are transformed into a white-on-white expression of flow, energy and movement. Parker’s transformative vision has created a body of work that demands we stop, look and listen.”- Cynthia E. Palmieri, Former Executive Director of Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens & Museum (Palm Beach, FL).

Parker’s art is comprised of three series:

Paintings: (click here to view digital book Transformations and YouTube video)

Sculpture: (click here to view digital book Blanc de Blanc and YouTube video)

Pronouncements: (Coming Soon)


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