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Sergey Pakhomov

Russian (1966)

Born in Moscow, multi-talented ‘Pakhom’ is a well-known Soviet Underground artist, actor, screenwriter and humorist. After receiving an academic degree in Russia for iconography (1985), Pakhomov continued to paint and began his career in TV/film. From 1988-2000, he studied modern art in Europe and the USA, and later served as art director/editor for Elle Décor and Marie-Claire, respectively. Pakhomov has exhibited widely in Europe, including in France, Germany, Finland and Russia (e.g., Ludwigshafen Museum, Saatchi Gallery in London and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC).

This rare selection of modern icons (egg-tempera paintings on board

with handmade frames) is from the ‘Underground Period’ (mid 80s).


Finding both bittersweet humor in everyday situations and indignation in political repression, ‘Pakhom’ caricaturizes characters from Russian folktales as well as people from everyday Soviet life (also dubbed the ‘Russian man on the street’) in delightful, often sardonic ways. His most potent commentary is the most simple, and like traditional icons which were created for people who could neither read nor write, Pakhomov’s icons are designed to be interpreted and enjoyed by each person individually, regardless of nationality.


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