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Ronald K. Parker


Parker has enjoyed a varied career as a psychologist, professor, entrepreneur and artist. His entrepreneurial interests included business in the US, Europe and Africa. As past President of two Nasdaq companies, he managed dozens of art galleries. Additionally, he found time to be a nationally syndicated columnist, a performance artist (“Love Lessons ‘&’ Lies”) and an author of fifteen monographs and two books. As an academician, he was a therapist, lecturer and researcher at The Graduate Center of The City University of NY and Florida State University.

“One is immediately mesmerized by ‘Parker People’, the clean lines, the expressive features and the novelty of form.” One critic called “Parker People” “…mysteriously satisfying and simply elegant.” Another called Parker, considering his mastery of line, a “modern Matisse.”

As a psychologist, Parker is a keen observer of the people around him and finds inspiration for his series of mixed-media works called “Parker People,” which explores people’s private thoughts, dreams, fantasies and fears. “Parker People” are always off-center, but on-target. Curators and critics alike have been universally positive about Parker’s talent. “He interweaves image and text to depict psychological states in subtle images which capture portraits of individual types. Drawing is a difficult art which few ever master. Ron Parker does just that.”

Parker’s art is comprised of five series:

Calendar Pages and Mixed-Media (click to view digital book “Off-Center, On-Target”)

Sculpture and Pronouncements (click to view video “A Studio Visit:”)

American Flags (click to view digital book ”Old Glory, New Story”)


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