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Rebekka Chemiakin

Russian (1934-2014)

Born in Leningrad, Rebekka Chemiakin was a Russian emigre artist and historically noteworthy figure of the unofficial art community during the Soviet Regime. She studied painting and sculpture at the Leningrad Tavricheskoe School of Arts and worked as a designer for many years. In 1963, she married renowned artist Mihail Chemiakin. A multidisciplinary artist who genuinely mastered an impressive variety of mediums including sculpture, gouache, gravure, watercolor and oil painting, she is recognized by art scholars and artists for her quiet but influential career contributions. Rebekka held numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide, including expositions in Tokyo, Moscow, Paris and New York.

The Chemiakin paintings in oil and gouache are being offered for the first time from The Parker Collection. The subjects include her iconic portraits, fantasy figures and beautiful florals on canvas.

Rebekka was a very talented and widely collected artist. In her early works, her pieces notably showed the artist’s eye for a delicate choice of color in her compositional display. The revered Ezio Gribaudo enthusiastically writes of Rebekka’s work: “...the real, the unreal and the surreal are interwoven in a fabric that excites both the emotions and the imagination. Delicately shadowed faces almost abstracted from reality, speak from faraway imaginary worlds, stirring up deep, sweet and unusual sensations. Rebekka’s is a visionary world, which changes obsessively between slight quivers and sudden outbursts of colour. Her taste for thematic repetition is an indication of monochord research which tries to exhaust every possibility suggested by an intuition confined to the enigmatic zones of mystery.”


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