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Philippe Garel

French (1945)

Garel studied from 1962-1968 at the École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes and Paris. Impressively, while pursuing his career as a visual painter, sculptor and designer, he was also a renowned art professor at the L’École des Beaux-Arts in Rouen from 1980-2005. In addition to his work being exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Bologna, Milan, Rome, Turin, Munich, New York, Houston, Geneva and Amsterdam, Garel’s pieces have also been featured in several prominent museum retrospectives in France, Italy and Germany.

Large scale paintings on canvas by Garel as well as a series of

watercolors on paper are available.


Through the majority of his exquisite and powerful pieces, Garel takes us on an exotic journey into his reinterpretation of the continents Asia and Africa. The artist’s heavily textured backgrounds play masterfully with vignettes of color to highlight a tableau of mystery—his great command of shadow and light being reminiscent of Rembrandt. Garel’s serene settings seem to transcend time as a still presence emerges with each of his figures. A look at his pieces is a look into another world where one delights in discovering different cultures and mysterious people


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