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Lucien Dulfan

Russian (1942)

Dulfan is a Soviet-born surrealistic conceptual artist who graduated from the Odessa State Art Academy in 1963. Though he was considered a Nonconformist artist throughout his career in the USSR, in 1977 he was given the highly prestigious award of First Prize for painting by the USSR Ministry of Culture and the Union of Soviet Artists. Lucien Dulfan has participated in 141 exhibitions, including 109 international shows and 40 solo exhibitions worldwide.

The current exhibition, “From Russia with Love,” presents over 40

important paintings, including images from “The Kiss” and “Music” series.



Dulfan’s paintings reflect the boundless energy, originality and passion of the artist’s own personality. “My art is dramatic, bold and uncompromising: I paint the very interesting human story through the filters of my dreams and subconscious.” With gorgeous colors applied in forceful brush strokes, each of Dulfan’s pieces is a rich tableau which invites the viewer to return again and again to gaze and discover more of the secrets held within.


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