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Josep Maria Subirachs

Spanish, (1927-2014)

Subirachs is the pioneer of Spanish avant-garde art in the late 20th century. He was honored as the greatest artist after Picasso, Dali and Gaudí by the King of Spain, and chosen to finish Gaudí’s work. Subirachs has over 3,000 cataloged works, ranging from monumental sculptures to paintings, drawings, lithographs and theatrical settings. Not counting his Passion Façade of the Sagrada Família basilica, he has an extraordinary 70 sculptures gracing Barcelona’s public spaces—more of which can be seen in Mexico, the US, South Korea and Belgium.

The Subirachs Collection includes two exquisite original graphite drawings on paper, one unique granite sculpture, as well as limited edition bronze sculptures (published by Parker and Parker Art).

“The drawing is the first stage of all plastic artwork, but it is also a specific genre in itself. It is in the drawing where we can see the creator’s intention at its most pure.” Subirachs     

Subirachs’ work is both new and timeless, combining the masculine (geometry) and the feminine. His various elements are aimed at different levels of sophistication and interpretation, so that the spectator can always find stimulation and interest. Truly, his fertile imagination knew no artistic limits. 


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