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Hua Qi Min

Chinese (1953)

Hua Qi Min was born in Shanghai, China. From the age of four, his interest in art and talent for drawing were clearly evident to his parents, who worked hard to facilitate his art career. One of Qi Min’s first jobs was to serve as Art Editor of The People’s Publishing Company, Anhui Province, China (1974-1978). In 1978, he gained admission into The Central Academy of Fine Arts (People’s Republic of China, Beijing)—a prestigious institution into which only one out of 500 applicants is accepted. He graduated with honors, and in 1980 became an Assistant Associate Professor at the same institution. Later, he was promoted to Associate Professor and eventually Professor—achieving one of the highest honors that China can bestow on an artist.

For the first time since 1988, Hua Qi Min’s art is being presented to the public. Parker and Parker Art (PaPA) hopes you will enjoy his mixed-media paintings from ‘The Remote East’—a series of twelve contemporary paintings (each 42”x40”) created on Kaoli paper with mineral colors and Chinese ink (1988).

Hua Qi Min is one of those rare Chinese artists who has not only achieved recognition as a traditional painter, but as one who has also made a successful transition into contemporary art. Stories within stories are beautifully presented by this Chinese Master. He invites and draws the viewer into his exotic fantasy world of music, dance, storytelling, romance and adventure through the prism of Chinese history. 


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